Our Mission is to first provide luxury drinks that are made from top quality ingredients enjoyed by everyone around the world. Our other mission is to also give back to our community by building a Boba King scholarship program to help provide students achieve their goals. We would like to give out equal opportunity to everyone.

What Happens Here

Boba Build your base.

01Beautiful Place

Boba King’s got the perfect setup to catch up with your friends. Grab some boba, dive into delicious desserts, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. It’s the spot for good times with good company

02Feel the Boba

Boba King takes pride in crafting their infamous boba, delivering the perfect chewiness and flavor for every sip. Using premium ingredients and perfected recipes, our boba is an irresistible delight, setting a standard for exceptional quality and taste.

03Full Taste

Boba King’s menu is a delight for every craving. From creamy milk teas to vibrant fruit teas, robust coffees, tempting croissant desserts, and scrumptious toasts, there’s a diverse and satisfying treat for every taste.


Fall in Love with Bobaking

Make this the next go-to spot for you and your loved ones to visit for a quick treat

Bubble Tea

Classic chewy boba with any flavor of Milk Tea

Fruit Tea

Refreshing flavors made with a variety of fruits


Brewed to help energize the day with delicious flavor


The sweet treats for you & your friend to delight in

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Did you know? Boba King makes their boba directly in the shop from scratch. The best quality of bubble tea can be found here!