Cheese Foam

Cheese foam is whip cream that tastes similar to a cheesecake which is sweet and subtly salty at the same time. Cheese foam goes well with sweet flavored drinks. Experience our cheese foam topping on.

Aloe Vera Jelly

Aloe jellies are cut in cubes and soaked in syrup for the sweet and refreshing taste! Aloe vera is not only tasty but also beneficial to your skin.

Lychee Jelly

Lychee Jellies are cut in cubes and soaked in syrup for a sweet and refreshing taste! The jelly has a firmer texture that people love and the taste is a plus!

Grass Jelly

Is a pudding-like texture that is made from the chinese mesona, a plant that is a part of the mint family. Grass Jelly is steeped in brown sugar for a deep sweet tasting flavor.

Tapioca pearls

Tapioca pearls are made of starch from the cassava root. Tapioca pearls are freshly cooked and flavored with brown sugar. Tapioca pearls are the favorite topping for any bubble tea for its chewy texture and sweet flavor.