Dark, rich, deep ,sweet
Our premium chocolate has a deep flavor. It’s not just chocolate drink.
It is a premium chocolate drink. We are using 78% cacao powder with sweet rich chocolate syrup.If you are a chocolate lover, you will like our amazing chocolate slush.


sweet, rich, cold Ice Thai slush.
If you are looking for a sweet, cold and rich texture drink, it’s Thai slush.
Our Thai slush is a sweet and rich flavor drink blended with cold ice.
You can feel the orange Thai sunset with this drink

Matcha Milk

Rich, bittersweet, creamy
If you are a matcha lover, I highly recommend our matcha slush.
Our matcha has a creamy texture and blended with cold ice
We have used one of the most premium organic matcha to enhance
our matcha milk slush. With our matcha, You can take both health and taste.

Taro Milk

This rich tasting taro milk slush has a deep natural sweetness and a nutty flavor that brings harmony to the mouth. The taro milk slush has a smoothie like texture that is cool and refreshing. Taro milk slush not only tastes rich but the taro root also contains many health benefits.