Winter melon milk tea

What is wintermelon? We have infused the oriental fruit that is fresh and sweet into milk which brings a nice sweet flavor that you will love

Bear sugar milk tea

Roar!!! Bear sugar milk tea gets its name from the visual of the cup having tiger stripes! The deep rich sweet flavor from the house made brown sugar syrup will get you any time.

Matcha milk tea

The popular Matcha? Yes, we use the most top quality organic matcha that elevates the regular well known taste of matcha milk tea. Matcha milk tea is not only flavorful but contains many health benefits!

Thai milk tea

Thai milk tea is loved everywhere in the world today, popular for its rich flavor made from freshly brewed black tea and many spices .Thai milk tea is sweet in flavor and has a rich texture to the drink.

Taro milk tea

Rich tasting taro milk tea has a deep natural sweetness and a nutty flavor that brings harmony to the mouth. Taro milk tea not only tastes rich but the taro root also contains many health benefits.

Oolong milk tea

The most nutty and rich tasting milk tea you have ever tasted! The oolong milk tea is none other like the regular milk tea you have ever tasted.

Jasmine green milk tea

Taste our fresh floral and bittersweet tea mixed with milk that will blow your mide away with the flavors. The most fresh tasting milk tea you will ever taste!

Black Milk Tea

You can never go wrong with the original Boba king milk tea! The perfect blend of our freshly brewed organic black tea and milk will take you to Boba world.